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Commercial - OLED
Model Description Pricing
HDMI, DP, USB 2.0 (2), RS232C In/out, RJ45 In/out, IR In
List: $7,700.00
HDMI, DP, USB 2.0 (2), RS232C In/out, RJ45 In/out, IR In
List: $7,700.00
55" Transparent FHD OLED, HDMI(2),DP,RS232C IN/Out,RJ45 In/Out, IR In, USB(2), DP, Audio Out, Protection Glass Depth 3.0mm, Chemical strenthening, Ani-reflective(film), Shatter Proof, Internal Memory 16 GB, Tempertature Sensor, Web OS4.0, Embedded CMS,USB Plug & Play,Fail over,RS-232C Sync,Local Network Sync,Video Tag,Screen Rotation,External Input Rotation,Gapless Playback,Tile Mode Setting,Setting Data Cloning,SNMP,ISM Method,Auto Set ID,Status Mailing,Control Manager,Crestron Inside,PM mode,W
List: $18,200.00
55 Transparent OLED,1920x1080 (FHD),Life time30,000 Hrs (Typ.),Operation Hours (Hours/Day)18/7 (Moving Content Only),Portrait / LandscapeO,HDMI,DP,RS232C IN,RS232C OUT,RJ45(LAN),USB,DP Out,Audio Out,Bezel ColorTransparent,Internal Memory16GB,Wi-Fi,Temperature Sensor,Embedded CMS,USB Plug & Play,Fail over,Video Tag,Gapless Playback,Setting Data Cloning,SNMP,ISM Method,Auto Set ID,Status Mailing,Control Manager,Crestron Inside,Wake on LAN,PM mode,HDMI-CEC ,SI Server Setting,Pro:Idiom,Operation Tem
List: $21,000.00
-Brightness(Typ.): 400 cd/mē (APL 25%)
-Bezel: 0.9 mm (Even, Off bezel)
-Depth: 4.9mm (Head)
-Interface: HDMI/ USB 2.0(2)/ DP/ Audio Out/ RS232C/ RJ45/ IR
List: $6,300.00
65 OLED Pro Picture -Adjust(OLED Light Brightness Contrast Chroma Sharpness Tint) Color Temp(VAR Temp./9300K/6500K/5400K/3200K/D65(6504K)/C(6774K)/D-Cinema(6302K)) R/G/B Gain(-100 ~ 100) Transfer Matrix(Auto / BT.709 / BT.601 / BT.2020) Mastering Peak(Auto / 0 / 400 / 540 / 700 / 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 10000) SDI Color Format(Auto / RGB444 / YCbCr444 / YCbCr422 ) SCAN(Zero Scan /Over Scan / Under Scan / Pixel to Pixel) AFD (Active Format Description) Aspect Ratio(Full/16:9/4:3/14:9/13:9/1.8
List: $16,800.00
55Transparent Touch OLED, 1920x1080 (FHD),Brightness 150/400nit (APL 100%/25%, Without Glass), Life time30,000 Hrs (Typ.),Operation Hours (Hours/Day)18/7 (Moving Content Only),Portrait / Landscape,HDMI,DP,RS232C IN,RS232C OUT,RJ45(LAN),IR IN,USB,Audio Out,Bezel ColorMatt Silver,Internal Memory16GB,Temperature Sensor,webOS4.0,Embedded CMS,USB Plug & Play,Video Tag,Screen Rotation,Gapless Playback,HDMI-CEC ,SI Server Setting,Pro:Idiom,Operation Temperature0 C to 40 C,Operation Humidity10 % to
List: $21,000.00
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